Bryce Cleveland - Web Projects

Here Are My Projects

Here i've listed all of my projects. These projects are all completely open source, and can be downloaded on GitHub

Crazy Clicker

A screenshot of the Bryce Cleveland's Crazy Clicker web project

This was my first Javascript project that was built without any outside help. The backbone of this project is the Math().random function, which was used to determine the next location of the ball.

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Crazy Pong

A screenshot of Bryce Cleveland's Crazy Pong web project

The goal of this project was to learn of the manipluate objects on the DOM with keyboard inputs. I also learned how to detect for object collisions and how to build very simple AI. This was built using vanilla Javascript.

- Please note this project only works on desktop.

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A screenshot of Bryce Cleveland's Calculator web project

This was my first Javascript project ever, but was built with lots of outside help.

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Dust Runners Automotive Journal

A screenshot of Dust Runners Automotive Journal

This is my first website. I built this back in 2014 to learn more about SEO and creating content. The site and all the content was built by me using Wordpress.

Crisis Preparation and Recovery

A screenshot of Crisis Preparation and Recovery

Crisis Preparation and Recovery brought me onto their team to bring their website into the modern age. The old version of their site had a very dated design, and wasn't mobile responsive. You can read more about this project on my blog or visit their website.