Why Did I Decide to Become a Web Developer?

When I was a child the things that interested me most were skateboarding, Rubik’s cubes, and video games (more specifically Star Wars: Battlefront II). At some point in my childhood, I started to become interested in cars, but my knowledge was limited to horsepower statistics and not much more.

Eventually, I was gifted “Grand Turismo 5” for my PlayStation 3. This is where my deep interest for cars started. Understanding how to tune suspension in Gran Turismo directly translates to real world suspension setups. I just kept getting deeper and deeper into everything until I eventually bought my first vehicle.

With my first vehicle, I learned how to do small repairs and general maintenance. With my second vehicle, I learned how to do much larger repairs, and eventually ended up working in a small shop. I found automobiles so fascinating that I just kept getting deeper and deeper, thirsty for more knowledge.

The problem here is that professional technicians don’t really have all that great of a salary, and have to work pretty darn hard to earn that salary. I kept putting off school because I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Eventually, I realized I wanted to do something in the computer science field, but I didn’t want to do a 4-year degree. With a 4-year degree I would 25 years old by the time I completed my degree, and that just sounded like a very bad idea to me.

So, with an expensive and long degree out of the cards, I was left with only a few options. I could’ve just taught myself everything, but with a complex and completely foreign topic that would’ve been quite difficult. It was at this point I began to discover “Web Development Boot Camps”. The idea was simple, take a huge amount of information and pack it into a short, high-intensity course.

I really liked the idea of this because it could get me launched into this new career path very quickly, and that’s great considering I plan on moving out of my parent’s house soon. So here I am, at week 5 in my 12-week long web development boot camp.

Interestingly enough I went into this expecting it to just be a school program into a career that I would like, but not love. But, I’ve actually found web development to be very relatable to the automotive field. Because of this relatability, I have begun to fall in love with the art of web development, and have a thirst for more knowledge every time I open up my laptop. This thirst for more knowledge is now what is driving me to play with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS all day outside of class.

I’m looking forwards to learning more about the web development field, and I’m looking forwards to getting much deeper into PHP and Javascript in the coming weeks. With my strong thirst for knowledge, my hopes for becoming a professional developer in the near future are high.

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